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Recommended age: 4 years and up.
Game idea: Illeccio
Contents/Material/Size: 2-part polariskop (Ø 40 cm) made from MDF and acrylic glass panes with inbuilt polarisation filters. Full instructions supplied. Polariscope Ø 40 cm.
Educational approach: The polariscope is a special kind of kaleidoscope. The inbuilt polarisation filters in the polariscope filter certain light waves. If you hold the polariscope to the light or place it on an illuminated surface, you will experience wonderful colour patterns and light effects. Children will have great fun experimenting with the various plastic films and colours and learning about the natural phenonomen of polarisation. In addition, they will make their first scientific encounters with light. The polariscope offers endless opportunities to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage creativity. The polariscope is especially suitable for the Light Table (491 017) and the Light Panels (102 690).
Game Suggestions: Place different plastic films e.g. cellophane, strips of clear adhesive tape or cling film in the polariscope and watch the colours of the rainbow emerge in exciting new patterns. Further magical colour effects can be obtained by rotating the discs in opposite directions.



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