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Your Dusyma Export Team.

Simone Winter Export management / Business Development Maria Hauff Teamleader

Simone Winter

Maria Hauff

Export management / Business Development
+49 (0) 7181/6003-32
+49 (0) 7181/6003-26
  Luxembourg, Poland, Austria
Czech Republic
Maria Zambito Mariangela Danna

Maria Zambito

Mariangela Danna

+49 (0) 7181/6003-26
+49 (0) 7181/6003-36

Italy, Switzerland, Middle East,
North America, Canada,
North-Africa, USA

UK, Ireland, Belgium, France,
Portugal, Iceland, Scandinavia,
Spain, Middle- and South America

Mirica Krause Kathrin Streifling

Mirica Krause

Kathrin Streifling

+49 (0) 7181/6003-42

+49 (0) 7181/6003-779

Asia, Austrailia, Africa, New Zealand,
GB- and US-Kindergarten, Greece,
South eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia,

 Germany, Japan
Ingrid Sparks-Burkhardt  

Ingrid Sparks-Burkhardt

+49 (0) 7181/6003-717

Workshops international, Product development

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